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Earthern Artistry

A collection inspired by nature's Artistry, created in sustainable handloom fabric in earthy tones with intricate heritage embroidery, depicts our primeval connection with mother Earth. The cottons and Silks speak of our rich heritage with essence of luxurious comfort.

Looms of Ocean

Neemboli as a brand is synonymous with handmade products. Every single purchase you make is gauranteed to be sourced from hardworking aritsans. We stand by our motto, "Every thread woven into your fabric tells a heartwarming story."

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Our exquisitely sourced cotton, never fails to impersonate you inner soul and transcend it everywhere you go.


The silk that you comes from hand selected silk produce so that you can wear your elegance with pride.


Handmade products is what we promote and preach through Neemboli. All of our products are sustainably produces so that they have minimal impact on the environment.

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