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Hi, I am a “Handloom Revivalist.” Our brand Neemboli is geared towards producing and promoting handloom products. We are committed to reviving and preserving the handloom industry. Handloom products are a work of human art. These products encompass the true and vivid emotions of their weavers. Our skilled artisans meticulously select unique materials and weave each product with passion. Neemboli thrives on a sustainable fashion framework. Our name Neemboli is derived from the ripe Neem fruit, which signifies that even though the leaves of Neem taste bitter, its ripe fruit tastes sweet. Similarly, the efforts while producing handloom products are tedious and demanding, but the end product is exquisitely exceptional. Every product you purchase from Neemboli is sustainably produced, ethically sourced, designed in-house, and carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail to provide you with an unparalleled experience across our entire catalog. This is our unwavering promise to you.

Embrace The Legacy Of Handloom Craftsmanship

Neemboli is a tribute to India’s timeless handloom legacy. Founded with a vision to preserve and promote the artistry of indigenous weavers, we strive to bring forth the beauty of handwoven textiles to the world. Each piece at Neemboli reflects the dedication, skill, and cultural richness passed down through generations.

Neemboli's Principles

Because life’s too short to be basic

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From Fiber To Fabric

Turning lifes threads into fashionable statements.

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Confidence Level

Flaunting every flaw with style!

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Truthful Transparency

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Our Mission

Empowering Artisans, Preserving Traditions

Our Skills

Neemboli walks on the path of social sustainability and fosters indigenous fabrics for a sustainable fashion future. Our main focus is to bring out natural, genuine and eco-friendly fashion to the global market. What inspired us to incorporate Sustainability in Fashion was the constant demand of apparels & textiles across the globe, all of which gave rise to non-decomposable hazardous waste.

Avoiding the clothing waste that is dumped into the landfill is acutely indispensable and we firmly believe in producing the biodegradable corollary of materials to sustain the environment with a great vision of sustainable design fabric. We produce the raw fabric materials of silk, cotton, banana, bamboo, etc, all of them from extremely reliable sources that effectively increases the longevity of apparels and also gives employment to local artisans.

At Neemboli, we are committed to empowering local artisans and weaving communities. We believe in fair trade practices, ensuring that the true value of their craftsmanship is honored while fostering sustainable livelihoods and preserving age-old traditions.